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Här finns vi = We live here




Hundarna =
The dogs













Our Guardian






2013 - a litter will be born in the end of January.

The male dog is Brytarspetzens Dyggur Pratason.


The puppies have to be at least 8 weeks old before they are allowed to be separated from the bitch.

Then they are:

- registered in the Swedish kennel club (SKK/FCI)
- they are sold with SKK:s contract of sale
- sold with insurance against hidden faults
- certificate of health (not more than 7 days old)
- ID-marked with a chip
- vaccinated against parvo
- dewormed
- information about their dietary requirements
- provided with advice about how to take care of the puppy

If you want to know more please call me on +46 150 922 57 or send an e-mail:ami@gimgolets.com


About 150 km west of Stockholm, south of the lake Hjälmaren, you will find Ekeholm. (the little red mark on the map).

Since 1968 there have always been dogs in our familjy, labradors, terriers and a border collie.


In February 1990 the first icelandic sheepdog came to us at Ekeholm. Her name was Gydjans I. Glóa, but we called her Ruffa. This was before I knew that the dogs usually keep their icelandic name. She is the only one of my dogs that has got an ordinary Swedish dog name. She is the "foundation" bitch in Gimgölets kennel.
In April 1992 Glóa had her first litter. Over the years she had 5 litters with 25 puppies in total, and on hindsight I feel it was a lot of puppies.

In 1994 I imported Ýrar-Garpur, together with kennel Ullälva, from Iceland. Garpur is the progenitor of all dogs in the kennel today. Garpur was very successfull in exhibitions and got a lot of prizes. He also received a very good mentality assessment and a diploma in obedience, Lp1.

Garpur and Glóa are the only icelandic sheepdogs I have bought. All the other dogs are born in the kennel.

Spoí is the 4th generation after Garpur and Glóa as you can see below:

- Freydis f. 1996 (Gydjans I. Glóa x Ýrar-Garpur)
- Nibba f. 2001 (Freydis x Fjalla-Hnokki)
- Pila f. 2004 (Nibba x Wadsteinas Snobbige Djarfur)
- Spoí f.2007 (Nibba x Birk) - Hrönn f. 1997 (Glóa x Garpur)
- Ilmur f.1997 (Dekkja x Ullälvas Tindur)
- Rökkvadis f.2005 (Nibba x Fieldworks Raun)

also live in the kennel.

Please look at the pictures on the Swedish pages!

Here you can see when the dogs lived.